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About Us

Post a ride or create a social event, that's it.

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A Sneak Peek:

About Us

AUSTRALIA SMC is an independent free social motorcycle club bringing together proud Australians who ride and want to be a part of a group of people sharing trust and respect for each other and respect for our country Australia. Our members are like minded people who share a love for motorcycles and enjoy the freedom of riding them on the roads and highways of this vast country.

We are also a mate’s social motorcycle club for people who just want to meet up and do what they love to do ... ride. Male and female riders equally are encouraged to join and come along for a ride or attend a social event. There are no restrictions on types or sizes of motorcycles – all are welcome. We are family orientated and would like to warmly welcome family members to any social event being held.

Founded in 2013 by Vamp and based in Melbourne, our social motorcycle club is in its early years with the aim of building members in all States and Territories of Australia. Our club has a simple structure - we appoint an Officer per State or Territory only, who manages the State or Territory as outlined in “Our Club Foundation”. There are no chapters and we are non-political. Ideas for social events or rides are discussed openly at any event or can be posted on the “Event Calendar” by any supporter or full member, anywhere in Australia.

We have one website to service all registered members nationally. This enables it's registered members to communicate with each other Australia wide promoting unity within the club, while allowing everyone to keep up to date with all the rides and social events being held around Australia.

Find and join us on Facebook !!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustraliaSMC/


We are a non profit club and therefore membership is free. We have club merchandise for sale at cost price only.

To join Australia SMC you need to complete the online application completing the mandatory fields ("Name"; "Town/Suburb/State or Territory"; "If you are a member of another patch club" and to also read and acknowledge the "About Us" page; "Club Foundation" page and understand the "Ideology" of the club). With respect to our club and it's members and other clubs, a patch member of another club will not be able to register on this website.

On initial approval of your registration to this website you are required to contact your nearest State Officer or Group Officer and join in on OR create your own Club Ride OR Event within 1 month of joining the website or your registration will be cancelled.



Once your registration is approved, you are welcome to post a ride or social event in any State or Territory in Australia. We have "Ride Safety" guidelines for group riding on this website which we would like you to familiarise yourself with before coming out on your first ride.